Courage to Speak® After School Program

Courage to Speak® After School Program

Targeted for Grades 4-8

This after school program targets the 4th through 8th grade and is adapted from the Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Curriculum. It aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to avoid substance use and make healthy decisions.

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Program Overview

The Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Education for After School Programs is designed for grades 4-8 and is based on the book Sunny’s Story by Ginger Katz. This program is intended for after school programs looking to add a comprehensive drug prevention curriculum to their existing offerings.

After reading Sunny’s Story, students take part in art and creative writing activities that support children in avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Through engaging activities and discussions, students learn to make healthy choices and communicate effectively with trusted adults.


The program consists of engaging activities and worksheets designed to reinforce the lessons learned. The activities include:

  • Activity #1: The Story: Part I
  • Activity #2: The Story: Part II
  • Activity #3: Grown-ups To Trust
  • Activity #4: Friends and Friendship

Worksheet Section

The program includes a variety of worksheets to support the activities, such as:

  • Drug Knowledge Assessment Pyramid
  • Post Activity Facilitator Evaluation Form
  • Activity Invitations to Parents (English & Spanish)
  • Worksheets on Identifying Grown-Ups to Trust
  • Worksheets on What Makes a Good Friend and Being a Friend


The Courage to Speak® After School Program offers a comprehensive approach to drug prevention education, combining storytelling with interactive activities that resonate with students. Through this program, children learn valuable life skills that help them make informed decisions and build a foundation for a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.


“I thought this story was serious not to take drugs and inspiring... I know I will never take drugs.”

- 4th Grade Student, Norwalk CT

“I loved Sunny’s Story. It taught me how not to keep secrets from my parents. I will never do drugs because I know what will happen to me.”

- 6th Grade Student, Bridgeport CT

“Educators and parents need to be as strong in voice as Sunny is in the story. This story has to be told and it will save lives.”

- David Hay, Brookside Elementary School Principal