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The Courage to Speak® Foundation is a non-profit organization providing a home, school and community-based approach to drug prevention through presentations, community forums and research-based school curriculum and parent programs. We deliver social-emotional skill building lessons to increase youth’s ability to live healthy lives and empower parents and teachers with skills to communicate effectively with their children/students about the dangers of drugs.

The Courage to Speak® Foundation Drug Prevention Education Programs are on the cutting edge of drug prevention curriculum program development and have helped prevent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of teenage drug related deaths.

“You should think about your life and people you care about before you use anything. This makes me think, if I do drugs, the more I would be hurting myself and everyone else around me.” -6th grader

“To listen to someone who really knows it from a first-hand point of view and the worst of the worse scenarios – it’s just incredibly beneficial. If not for this program, we very likely would not have caught her [daughter] when we did, and we also would not have been prepared with a necessary course of action” -Parent

Help us by making a donation to provide these life-saving programs and services!

Ian's Story - The heart of the Courage to Speak Foundation

Help us erase the myth that “Oh, this won’t happen to my child.”

It can.

It happened to my son, Ian.

It took his life.

You can act today by donating and investing in the future of our youth.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your generous support. Your donation will help us save lives – anything you can give will help more families and children find the Courage to Speak. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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Help us by making a donation to provide these life-saving programs and services!

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