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youth supported by those who donate to drug prevention education programs

Because of your generosity, the Courage to Speak® Foundation has been able to offer drug prevention education to hundreds of thousands of young people and their parents.

At the Courage to Speak® Foundation, we believe all youth should be empowered to live drug free and reach their full potential. We are here to help and encourage parents to communicate effectively with their children about the dangers of drugs. A student wrote a letter to a local newspaper about the Courage to Speak® Foundation Drug Prevention Programs.

We need to learn about these things before it’s too late…the most important thing this program teaches is not to be afraid…it’s better to talk out your problems than to resort to drugs.” Julie, 7th Grade, West Rocks Middle School, Norwalk CT 

We rely on your support. Please consider making a gift today so that we can continue to work with parents and educators to keep our children safe from drugs. Your gift will allow the Courage to Speak® Foundation to:

  • Build partnerships with more schools and youth-serving organizations nationwide to broaden the reach of the Courage to Speak® school-based drug prevention curricula and Courageous Parenting 101®
  • Increase the number of Courage to Speak® Presentations delivered to schools and communities throughout the country.
  • Increase the number of professionals recruited from the ranks of school counselors, health educators, law enforcement and others credentialed to teach the free parent course Courage to Speak -Courageous Parenting 101® (English and Spanish)
  • Educate and empower more parents to effectively communicate with their children about the dangers of drugs and bring Courageous Parenting 101® to more communities throughout the nation.

Your gift will support drug prevention education and services. I invite you to join us in our important work so we can continue to work with parents, educators and others to keep our children safe as the allure, access and potency of drugs surge.

With Gratitude,

Ginger Katz

Your Donation

Thank you for your interest to donate to the Courage to Speak Foundation. The Courage to Speak Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the Courage to Speak Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Our tax identification number is 06-1526556.