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Sunny’s Story – Five Star Reviews


Ginger Katz signing autographed copies of her book Sunny's Story. Sunny’s Story Five Star Reviews Get Sunny’s Story For Your School or Organization A Must Read. By Ellen Seltzer (Connecticut) Sunny's Story is the tale of Ian, the author's son, that is told through the eyes of the family dog, Sunny. It is written in easy to understand English and portrays a happy, healthy life that gets turned around and eventually ends in tragedy. I taught this short story to two classes of 6th graders who literally gobbled it up. They loved [...]

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Courage to Speak® Foundation – Reviews From The Public


Reviews About the Drug Abuse Prevention Story from the Public Below are quotes from children and students after hearing the drug abuse prevention story. Ginger, I picked up a book from Larry at the reunion meeting. As a parent who has lost a child, my heart goes out to you and Larry. I shed tears reading this book. I will be picking up 5 more copies at the next meeting and pass it on.......... Ginger, Thank you so much for sharing these emails, they made me feel good and they must be the fuel that keeps you going. [...]

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Reviews From Professionals


Reviews from Professionals who Counsel Teens, About the Courage to Speak®Presentation The following are quotes taken from the responses of professionals in the field of drug addiction, education and teen counseling. "The Courage to Speak® presentation is unique because of the degree of emotion Ginger Katz brings to it. I have a strong sense of people walking out of there alerted. The program cuts through denial and can be a really important catalyst to help others take action." Dr. Thomas Kirk, Former CT State Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services "What a wonderful contribution to our efforts to [...]

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Courage to Speak® Foundation – Student Reviews


Ian’s Story – The Heart of the Courage to Speak® Foundation My son, Ian, died on September 10, 1996 in his sleep of an overdose. He was only twenty years old. After he died, one by one, his friends began to come to me. We were all in such pain. I sat and listened, torn between anger and agony, as slowly they began to talk about what had really been going on. Anger doesn't help. Ian's friends and his family have to heal. We have to find the courage to speak before it is too late for so many [...]

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