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The Courage to Speak® Presentation is a dynamic, riveting and thought-provoking drug prevention presentation given by Ginger Katz, Founder and CEO of The Courage to Speak® Foundation, Inc. Ms. Katz, who lost her teenage son to a drug overdose in 1996, has made over 1,000 drug prevention education presentations throughout the country.

Courage to Speak® Support Group


We belong to a club that none of us ever wanted to join. We are the parents and siblings of young people who died too soon because of drugs. We are ordinary people who could be your neighbors, your co-workers or members of your faith community. We loved our children and tried to be the best parents we could be. But drugs took them from us, and some days the grief is still unbearable. Drug abuse is an equal opportunity killer. It is not confined to one kind of neighborhood, one socioeconomic group, or one kind of kid. Drugs simply [...]

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Courage to Speak® Empowering Youth to be Drug-free Family Night


Courage to Speak®Empowering Youth to be Drug-free Family Night “Save a Child’s Life Night” It’s about one thing... Children and parents talking openly and honestly about the dangers of drugs. That is the most important goal of the Courage to Speak® Empowering Youth to be Drug-free Family Night. Among the hundreds of individuals who come together to support the students are parents, educators, school officials, law enforcement, local and state [...]

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Learn more about Courage to Speak® substance use prevention education programs and curriculum for Elementary, Middle, and High School students.

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