Sunny’s Story

A drug prevention book written by a mother who lost her son to a drug overdose from the viewpoint of the family beagle, Sunny. It's a great learning tool for kids, parents, teachers, and others.

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Jovon’s Story

“My drug use started with Ecstasy at the age of 18. I had it all, a good job, nice car, I was in college, had a close relationship with my family, an incredible girlfriend and an incredible daughter. I could not ask for anything more. At the age of 22, everything started slipping. I lost everything and mostly everyone. I let drugs be my priority for a long time. I lost focus of what was important. I turned into a person I never wanted to associate or to be with. I lost everything” J.M.B

I lost my son Jovon on Dec 12, 2006 to Crystal Meth. He was 24 yrs old. For some strange reason, people in Connecticut seemed to be surprised by an African American dying from Crystal Meth. Those whom I shared the story of my son’s addiction thought that Meth was a white American drug of choice. Jovon’s story is here to prove them wrong. The words you just read were taken from a letter written by Jovon on August 7, 2006. He talked about all that he had lost. Actually, those who he left behind are suffering a greater lost.

Jovon Markee Brown was born on Sept 15, 1982. He brought so much joy into the lives of our family. He was intelligent, handsome, charming, quiet and shy. He was loved and adored by his family and friends. All those who were in his presence could sense that he had a sweet spirit about him. Jovon had a love for family, God and animals. I could remember standing in awe, watching a baby squirrel eating from Jovon’s hands. He also enjoyed basketball, music, reading, writing, and his computer. He was voted “Best Smile” by his 8th grade classmates. He was a member of “Who’s Who of American High School Students” and on the Dean’s List at Norwalk Community College. He was praised and admired by his teachers and peers. Throughout the years, teachers commented on his ability to write a great story. One of his math professor noted that she often mentioned Jovon as her favorite student. She said, “He was so polite, always well-prepared and so intelligent. What a beautiful young man”

Jovon had lofty dreams and wanted nothing but the best out of life. Crystal Meth took most of his dreams away. He ended up depressed, guilt ridden, isolated and remorseful. Jovon desperately sought a right relationship with Jesus Christ, while clinging to the hope of God’s forgiveness. He prayed for deliverance and hoped that his story would someday help someone. Coming from the heart of a mother who is in great sorrow, I can truly say that God is still in the prayer answering business.


By Linda Stubbs

Could this be? Me? A mother of a drug addicted child?

While all this may seem like a bad dream, Reality hits, it was a peg with my name on it.

The fall from my white horse prove to be awakening. My bruised heart, mind and soul is still shaking me.

It was much easier being on the outside looking in. Now that I am in, it’s like being Daniel in the lion’s den.

A mother of a drug addicted child could this be? Riding the wave of this trial, holding my breath to see where it’s taking me.

This frightening path so many had to go through. A dark weary place, I wish I didn’t have to.

But then who am I to say, what lessons in my life should come into play. I have to humbly accept it, learn all I can from it and pray.

For my Lord said, all things work together for the good of those who love him. This must be understood when you find yourself standing out upon a limb.

It is counter productive to go back and harbor on what I could have, should have way back when. Your time will be of more value by giving God his praise and asking for battle strategies to help your child win over this blazing sin.

Clothe yourselves with love, faith and hope the word of God do say. To be honest with you these are the only way to cope at the end of the day.

I am a mother of a drug addicted child praying daily and hoping that a deliverance is coming in a little while.

Learn more about Courage to Speak® substance use prevention education programs for Elementary, Middle, and High School students.