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Courage to Speak - Courageous Parenting 101®

“Parenting Through the Opioid Crisis and Beyond” ™

Offered free of charge to parents, this program is a two-part substance use prevention education program, designed especially for parents of elementary, middle, and high school students, capable of being delivered all in one night! Over 156 facilitators have been trained to teach the program nationwide.

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A Double Dose of Prevention™

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Part 1: Begins with a LIVE presentation by Ginger Katz, Founder of the Courage to Speak® Foundation. Ms. Katz tells her compelling story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs and provides guidance to parents to help them reduce the risk of drug use in their families.

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Part 2: Facilitated by Carlos Reinoso Jr MSMOL, BHCC trained in substance use disorder and addiction presenting Courage to Speak® Courageous Parenting 101 “Parenting Through the Opioid Crisis and Beyond” ™

Topics Covered in This Course Include:

  • Addiction and its Physiological Consequences
  • Abuse and Misuse of Over the Counter and Prescription Medications
  • Communication and Listening Strategies
  • Helping Your Child Handle Stress
  • Understanding Denial around Children and Drugs
  • Dangers of Enabling and Hands-off Parenting
  • Dangers of Fentanyl, copycat pills, and the new marijuana
  • Parenting Styles, Resources, and Much More!

Parent results from pre-and post-surveys show up to:

  • Survey Results 40% Increase in knowledge about the dangers of opioids and other drugs
  • 50% Increase in confidence in knowing how to talk to their teens about drugs
  • 25% Increase in understanding the importance of talking to children about drugs
  • 50% Increase knowledge in how to recognize if their child was using drugs
  • 40% Increase confidence in teaching their children how to refuse drugs

For more information or to learn more about this program being hosted in your community, please call 203-831-9700 or email