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This innovative, Yale evaluated, school-based drug prevention program targets middle school-age students particularly vulnerable to using gateway drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. Based on national standards for effective drug use prevention programs, this drug prevention education program is carefully designed to inspire middle school students to resist drugs and help them make healthier decisions. Each substance use prevention program begins with The Courage to Speak® Foundation Presentation or DVD, which is followed by a series of 13-15 highly interactive classroom activities taught by the school’s health or other teachers who have been trained by The Courage to Speak® Foundation, Inc. Facts You Should Know about Middle School Students

  1. 1 in 5 teens has abused a prescription drug- That’s 4.5 million kids
  2. 1 in 10 teens has abused an over-the-counter cough or cold remedy
  3. 1 in 5 children have been drunk by the fifth grade

Audience: 6th grade students who took part in Courage to Speak Drug Prevention Education Curriculum and read Sunny’s Story

For a quick overview of the schedule, please see Presentation Schedule At A Glance.

To request more information on our Drug Prevention Education Programs and Services, please fill-out a Drug Prevention Program Request or call the office at 203-831-9700.

Virtual & Live Presentations Available. The Courage to Speak Foundation offers the Courage to Speak Presentation for students, parents, educators, and community members virtually and live.

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Learn more about Courage to Speak® substance use prevention education programs for Elementary, Middle, and High School students.

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