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The Courage to Speak® Foundation offers the Courage to Speak® Presentation for students, parents, educators, and community members live and virtual. To request more information on our Drug Prevention Education Programs and Services, please fill-out a Drug Prevention Program Request or call the office at 203-831-9700.

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The Courage To Speak® Drug Prevention Presentation

In this dynamic, riveting and thought-provoking presentation, nationally renowned prevention speaker, Ginger Katz, Founder and CEO of The Courage To Speak® Foundation and author of Sunny’s Story, shares the story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs. Ginger Katz has made over one-thousand drug prevention education presentations throughout the country that have touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of students, parents, law enforcement professionals, educators, prevention specialists, religious groups and has spoken at state and national agencies and conferences.

Drug Prevention Education Speaker Connecting to Teens

Ginger reaches young people like few others can. Through her presentations, she implores listeners to follow the positive passions in their lives. A central theme of Ginger’s work is that young people should cultivate relationships with three to five trusted adults with whom they are able to share their problems and innermost thoughts. Her presentations frequently elicit responses-in person or via email and letters-from parents who are seeking help for a family member, or from young people wanting to share their problems as a result of hearing the Courage to Speak presentation. Some youngsters are in a serious crisis. The Courage to Speak is committed to responding immediately and provides referrals where needed.

Audience: 6th Grade Students

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