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A drug prevention book written by a mother who lost her son to a drug overdose from the viewpoint of the family beagle, Sunny. It's a great learning tool for kids, parents, teachers, and others.

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Drug Prevention Story Synopsis and Bio

Sunny’s Story tells of joyful times and sad times, and of how a dog’s best friend was needlessly lost. It is narrated through the eyes, ears and mind of Sunny, the family beagle. The story is about the ups and downs of life with his young master, beginning with their meeting at an animal shelter. Sunny’s Story is a compelling story for children, teenagers, parents, grandparents and teachers. The book is for both young and old and the story of love, compassion, caring and understanding is universal.


Ginger Katz is a nationally renowned advocate and public speaker for drug prevention, awareness and education. She is the founder of the Courage to Speak® Foundation, Inc and has developed curricula for elementary through high schools as well are Courageous Parenting 101 a prevention program for parents to are themselves with the tools to keep their children safe. Sunny’s Story, her first book, is targeted for all children and adults. It is used in schools, churches and at the dinner table.

In the last 12 years, Ms. Katz has touched over a million parents, students and officials in communities across the country with her story. She is a regular speaker in schools, colleges, law enforcement, TV , Radio and other forums as well as community, private and medical organizations. Ginger Katz has presented to the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Association of Independent Schools, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), as well as over 1000 school and parent audiences.

An avid sportswoman and athlete, Ginger Katz lives with her husband Larry, daughter Candi and their beagle, Henry, in Norwalk, CT. See overview of work here

Elementary School Student Shares Story

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

A Must Read For All Parents
A reviewer

I recently read Sunny’s Story and had the pleasure of meeting Ginger Katz. Ms. Katz is warm, intelligent, honest, and emotional in her desire to tell her son’s story through the eyes of the family pet dog Sunny. If you are a parent you need to read this book. It will open your eyes and give you insight into what can happen when you least expect it. This is a book you can share with your children and it will open the door for discussion about a very serious topic: drug addiction.

A Moving and Inspirational Story for Families Impacted by Addiction
Doreen Lockwodd, parent from Carmel New York.

My 14 year son and I read Sunny’s Story and it allowed us to have an open, honest and straightforward conversation about substance abuse and its impact on young people, families and the community. We highly recommend it to families of all ages and we have already shared the book with numerous friends and family members. Open communication about the risks and consequences of substance abuse is the key to prevention. Many thanks to Ginger Katz for sharing Ian’s story to help other young people and families.

Newspaper Reviews

“‘Sunny’s Story’ Tells of Loss of Dog’s Best Friend”
By Lauren Garrison
Norwalk Citizen News

Fourth graders at Brookside Elementary School got a sneak preview last week of “Sunny’s Story,” a not-yet-released book by Norwalk resident Ginger Katz, that tells the tragic tale of how a young man became involved in using drugs and eventually overdosed and died…Read the full story here –‘Sunny’s Story’ Tells of Loss of Dog’s Best Friend

“Anti-drug advocate pens children’s book”
By Amada Cuda
Connecticut Post

When Virginia “Ginger” Katz’s son Ian smoked his first cigarette and drank his first beer, she didn’t see it. But Ian’s pet beagle, Sunny, did. Sunny was also there when Ian died in 1996 of a heroin overdose at age 20. So when Katz, founder of the anti-drug organization Courage to Speak, decided to write a book about Ian’s drug abuse and death, she chose to write it from Sunny’s viewpoint. The result is “Sunny’s Story”, written by Katz. Read the full story here Anti-drug advocate pens children’s book

“Courage To Speak aims to get parents, children reading and talking”
By Jamie DeLoma, Special Correspondent
The Advocate

At Brookside Elementary School yesterday, Ginger Katz shared difficult life lessons with fourth-graders. It’s never too early to discuss the dangers of alcohol and drugs, said Katz, whose 20-year-old son, Ian Eaccarino, died of a drug overdose in 1996. To help start the conversation, she self-published a children’s book, “Sunny’s Story.” Read full story here Courage To Speak aims to get parents, children reading and talking

“Drug crusader unwilling to let sleeping dogs lie”
By Harold F. Cobin, Hour Correspondent
The Hour

A dog’s account of watching his young owner succumb to drug abuse was read to fourth-graders at Brookside Elementary School Thursday in a trial of a program that discourages children from using drugs and helps parents and teachers provide support in avoiding them…Read the full story here – Drug crusader unwilling to let sleeping dogs lie

“Children’s book tells sad tale through beagle’s eyes”
By Jill Bodach, Hour Staff Writer
The Hour

What if man’s best friend could communicate about all the things he witnesses when his owners think no one is watching or listening? That is the question that led anti-drug advocate Ginger Katz to write a story about the death of her son, Ian, from the perspective of Ian’s pet beagle, Sunny – that and a moment she shared with Sunny the night Ian died… Read full story here – Children’s book tells sad tale through beagle’s eyes