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Sunny’s Story, written by Ginger Katz is a drug prevention book for all ages. It is a compelling story for children, teenagers, parents, grandparents, teachers and more. Sunny’s Story tells of joyful times and sad times, and of how a dog’s best friend was needlessly lost to drug abuse.

It is narrated through the eyes, ears and mind of Sunny, the family beagle. The story tells the ups and downs of life with his young master Ian, beginning with their meeting at an animal shelter, and ending with a futile effort to ward off disaster

Sunny’s Story is read at many dinner tables across the country, in schools, libraries, as part of Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Curricula for elementary, middle and high school students as well as a standalone book for children of all ages, parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals in the field of treatment and prevention.

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Here’s what raving fans are saying about the substance abuse prevention book, Sunny’s Story.

“This book is an important and unique addition to the list of prevention tools so necessary for the youth of today’s world. Sunny’s Story opens a dialogue between parents and their children.”

Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith,
Professor of Practice and Associate Dean
Harvard School of Public Health

“We as educators and parents need to be as strong in voice as Sunny is in the story. This story has to be told. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of a program that will save lives.”

David Hay, Elementary School Principal

“The book about Sunny will be such an asset to our language arts and health curriculum…. It will be required reading for my school.”

Dr. Lynn Moore, Middle School Principal

“Ian’s story, told through the eyes of his dog, Sunny, will help children understand how even ‘good kids’ can fall prey to the lure of drugs. The commitment of Ian’s family helps young people and their parents understand the danger never stops. Having the courage to face hard issues is he only way to keep our children safe.”

Salvatore J. Corda, Ph.D,
Superintendent of Schools
Norwalk Public Schools

“Through the voice of the family dog and in a tender and thoughtful way, Sunny’s Story brings to light one of the most challenging issues facing children, parents and educators today.”

Robert. B. Charles,
former Assistant Secretary of State,
under Colin Powell, for International
Narcotics and Law Enforcement

“Sunny’s Story begins as any child’s storybook. Tragically, its ending reflects real life as it is experienced by far too many families. It’s unique approach in helping children consider the consequences of their actions and impacts upon their families is very powerful. Sunny’s Story would be a valuable read for all youngsters and their parents!” Calvina Fay,

Executive Director of Drug Free America

Foundation, Inc.

“I’ve decided to give Sunny’s Story as a special gift to my grandchildren and all of my friend’s children.”

Kileen Doyle,

Grandmother of three grandchildren

“A heartfelt story on how one’s decisions effects family and relationships.”

Pat Vigilo,
Middle School Health Class Teacher

Our Drug Prevention Book Is Available Now!

Read our drug prevention story through the eyes of Sunny, our family dog.  This drug abuse book shows the effects of drugs on children.  This book can be used to show a child the effects of drugs on teens lives.  The drug abuse story is engaging for children of all ages to help spread the effects of drug use in children s lives.

Watching a teen life spiral out of control in this substance abuse book should be eye opening for any child who thinks about using drugs.  Childhood drug use will destroy a child’s future and the drug addictions effects on children and families are staggering.

A drug prevention book can be a great gift to give to a parent who needs help tackling the issue of drug abuse.  Many children do not see the harmful effects of substance use on teen lives.  Knowledge can be power, so give them to power to say no to drugs and help in the prevention of drug use in kids.

Allow Ginger’s courage to speak shine through and help your child decide to say no to substance use with this drug prevention story.  The illegal use of drugs can destroy a life once they have taken hold.  Show your children that they hold their lives in their hands and can say no to substance abuse.

This drug prevention book shows the effects that drugs can have.  Learn from this story of abuse.  Our substance abuse book can be purchased above.  Please send us any childhood drug use questions you may have.