Book a drug prevention education presentation and speakerAs the mother of a young man whose dreams and life came to an end because of drugs, Ginger Katz shares a powerful and moving story that truly saves lives. After hearing Ginger’s story:

  • Young people have shared their new decision to never start using drugs and to seek help if they are already using.
  • Parents have committed to becoming more involved in the lives of young people.
  • Youth, parents, educators and community members have committed to breaking the silence when they see someone in trouble, whether it be substance abuse, suicide, violence or other problems.

Topics from the Courage to Speak® Foundation Presentation:

  • Addiction and its impact on a family
  • A fatal combination- the code of silence when someone is in trouble
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Guns and Violence – How do they connect
  • Forget the stereotypes about “at risk kids” – all kids are “at risk”
  • Why you need to learn about the realities of alcohol and drug use
  • How parents, youth and the community can save lives

Ginger has received numerous awards, speaking invitations and media recognition for her work. Ginger has a powerful story about teen drug use.  Hear her courage to speak in her drug prevention presentation. When Ginger speaks about teen drug use the feedback she receives is amazing. Sharing her heart breaking story about childhood drug use can be eye opening. Not only will the parents and facilitators be engaged by this drug prevention presentation, the children will be as well. That will help drive home the drug prevention message to your children and teens.

So many need help parenting with such a diverse set of problems facing today’s teens. Having a middle school drug prevention program can be a supplement to parenting success. Ginger wants to spread her message of the harmful effects on a teens life.

Watching a young life destroyed by substance use and substance abuse is a horrible thing. There are too many stories about drug use in this country today. Drug awareness speakers can help children make the right decisions to stay drug-free.

Do not become tolerant of drugs in you child’s life. Do not allow your teen from using drugs. Drug effects on a child and drug effects on a teenager will change their life. Do not allow the effects of drugs on teens to determine their lives for them.

Hear Ginger’s courage to speak when she brings her substance use story to life. Her son’s teenage drug use story is now being spread in substance use prevention presentations in the Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey area.

Booking substance use prevention presentations is easy. Just follow the booking a presentation instructions further up the page.

Drug addiction impacts on family can be tremendous do not allow loved ones the become addicted to drugs while in school. Speak up when you see someone in trouble and stop drug addiction before it begins.

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