The Courage to Speak® Presentation
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The Courage to Speak® Presentation

Ginger Katz, CEO & Founder of the Courage to Speak® Foundation and Author of Sunny’s Story

Ginger Katz presenting her substance use education program for youth.

In a riveting and thought-provoking Presentation, nationally renowned speaker, Ginger Katz, shares the story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs. Through her Presentation, students and parents begin to recognize the telltale signs of alcohol and other drug use and the veils behind which those signs hide: anger, denial, fear, and pain.

Ginger Katz shows audiences how to avoid the heartache she suffered when drugs took her son Ian’s life when he was just 20 years old. Since then, she has reached hundreds of thousands of people telling Ian’s story and speaking honestly about the silence surrounding her son’s addiction. Told with quiet intensity and rigorous emotional integrity, Ginger’s words ask young people to have the courage to speak out and parents to listen, encouraging an honest and open family dialogue.

Ms. Katz has given over 1000 presentations across the nation to audiences that include:

  • Students
  • Parent groups
  • Educators
  • Law Enforcement
  • Corporations
  • Religious Groups
  • State and federal agencies
  • National conferences


“The program cuts through denial and can be a really important catalyst to help others take action.” Dr. Thomas Kirk, Former CT State Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services

“Thank you for bringing this invaluable learning experience to our young people. I have no doubt that your visit will save lives.” Dr. Norman Zamcheck, Principal, Richard C Briggs High School, Norwalk CT

“After hearing Ian’s story, I shall never do drugs.” High School Student, Westport CT

“I will always remember this story. When somebody asks me to do drugs my auto response will be your story in my mind and my answer will definitely be no.” Middle School Student, Norwalk CT

“My daughter is still alive, safe and drug free because we listened to Ginger’s Courage to Speak presentation and sought help.” Oscar Destruge, Parent

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