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Courage to Speak Ginger Katz presents at the 27th Annual Conference for the Connecticut Alliance of Foster and Adoptive Families.

Ginger Katz, CEO and Founder of the Courage to Speak Foundation and author of Sunny’s Story, a drug prevention book.

In a riveting and thought-provoking presentation, nationally-renowned speaker Ginger Katz, shares the story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs from 8th grade that started with cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana, through his junior year in college where he then died from a heroin and prescription drug overdose. Through her presentation, she implores parents to teach their children to follow the positive passions in their lives and to make healthy decisions. Ginger’s words ask parents to listen to their instincts, avoid the trap of denial, and pay attention to early signs of concern. 


Issues to be addressed:

  • A Mother’s Story: A Son’s losing battle with drug addiction;
  • Signs of Drug Use;
  • Helping youth and young adults handle stress, anger & other emotions;
  • Helping youth make good decisions;
  • The code of silence and its dangers;
  • Addiction and its impact on families.


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Hosted By: Connecticut Alliance of Foster and Adoptive Families

For more information, please contact vanessa.williamson@cafafct.org or phone 860.258.3400

The Courage to Speak Presents Ginger Katz, Founder and CEO, is presenting the Courage to Speak Drug Prevention Presentation hosted by the Connecticut Alliance of Foster and Adoptive Families. Presented to Parents and Community Members of the Connecticut Alliance of Foster and Adoptive Families.

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This presentation is for attendees of CAFAF conference.



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Virtual Presentations Available. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Courage to Speak Foundation offers the Courage to Speak Presentation for students, parents, educators, and community members virtually as well.

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