Live & Virtual Presentation Dates Available.

The Courage to Speak® Foundation offers the Courage to Speak® Presentation for students, parents, educators, and community members live and virtual. To request more information on our Drug Prevention Education Programs and Services, please fill-out a Drug Prevention Program Request or call the office at 203-831-9700.

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Courage to Speak

“Parenting Through the Opioid Crisis and Beyond”™

A Workshop for Parents, Professionals, and Teachers

Covering Topics Such As:

  • Understanding Signs of Drug Use
  • Effective Communication Strategies with Youth on Drugs
  • Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Teachers
  • Teaching Youth Drug Refusal Skills
  • Helping Youth Cope Effectively with Stress and Emotions
  • Marijuana’s influence on Opioid Abuse and much more



Part 1 Featuring the Courage to Speak® Presentation presented by Ginger Katz, CEO, Founder of The Courage to Speak Foundation and Author of Sunny’s Story, A Drug Prevention Book.





Carlos Reinoso Jr


Part 2 Facilitated by Carlos Reinoso Jr. MSMOL, BHCC trained in substance use disorder and addiction presenting Courage to Speak® Courageous Parenting 101 “Parenting Through the Opioid Crisis and Beyond” ™




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The Courage to Speak Presents Ginger Katz, Founder and CEO and Carlos Reinoso Jr. are presenting the Courage to Speak Parent Presentation in English to the Parents of St. Joseph’s Parenting Center.

This event will be in English and is Virtual.

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