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A drug prevention book written by a mother who lost her son to a drug overdose from the viewpoint of the family beagle, Sunny. It's a great learning tool for kids, parents, teachers, and others.

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Press Articles 2006

December 23, 2006

“Groups Receive $1.8M in grants”

By Lisa Chamoff, Staff Writer

The Advocate

The Fairfield County Community Foundation recently awarded $1.18 million in grants to several local nonprofit organizations that deal with education and social issues, and funded a new regional initiative to improve transportation planning…. Read the full story here – Groups Receive $1.8M in grants.

December 6, 2006

“Heart-wrenching story of family’s loss to drugscaptivates community”

By Kate Bassett

Harbor Light Newspaper, Harbor Spring, Michigan

Ginger Katz urges families here to address drug use among children early and directly…Read the full story here –Heart-wrenching story of family’s loss to drugs captivates community

November 22, 2006

“She has the ‘Courage to Speak’ Do we have the courage to listen?”

By Kate Bassett

Harbor Light Newspaper, Harbor Spring, Michigan

Hundreds of news articles, ranging from the New York Times and Boston Herald to advocacy journals, and even the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, all say the same thing: the room is silent when Ginger Katz, founder of the Courage to Speak Foundation, finishes a presentation…Read the full story here – She has the ‘Courage to Speak’ Do we have the courage to listen?

October 27, 2006

“Parents share painful tale of drug addiction”

By Jason Vallee, Herald Staff

The Herald – New Britain, CT

Illegal drug use is more than just a crime, it is a disease and a challenge in the United States that faces all of today’s youth. It sees no color, ethnicity or social status. The worst part is that it can take control of, or even end, a user’s life. .. Read the full article here – Parents share painful tale of drug addiction

October 26, 2006

“Grace of God”

By Jason Vallee, Herald Staff

New Britain Herald – New Britain, CT

Ginger Katz, one of the nation’s most active anti-drug speakers and founder of The Courage to Speak Foundation, Inc., has lived through this nightmare and seen … Read the full article here –  Parents share painful tale of drug addiction

October 20, 2006

“Woman who lost son to drugs has ‘courage to speak’ about addiction to local audience”

By Jason Vallee, Special to mprint Newspapers

Newington Town Crier – Newington,CT

Whether its on inner city streets or the backyards of a wealthy neighborhood, illegal drugs pose an imminent threat to adolescents and young adults. Learning how to fight back against drug abuse can mean a world of difference for parents and their families.. Read the full story here – Woman who lost son to drugs has ‘courage to speak’ about addiction to local audience.

Connecticut Post Articles 


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Journal Inquirer


The Advocate


Letter from Ginger Katz

The Courage To Speak ‘Empowering Youth to be Drug Free’ Family Night

Partnership for a Drug Free America News

News Channel 8

Other Articles & Broadcasts About The Courage to Speak

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MSNBC (national news), March 20, 2002 Supreme Court hearing on Random Drug Testing

100 stations acrross the country, March 20, 2002 Supreme Court hearing on Random Drug Testing

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“Parents Must Talk To Kids About Drugs”

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Governor Rowland declares the Courage to Speak Day in Connecticut

North County News, Sommers, NY, October 23, 2002

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Time Warner Cable TV Coronado, CA February 2003

Huntington News “From the Heart” Mother Tells Students About Fatal Consequences of Drug Abuse” by Brian Zanzonico March 13, 2003

The Hour “School Anti Drug Curriculum based on a hard lesson by A.J. O’Connell “Mari-don’t-wanna” was the reaction of the students March 23, 2003

Norwalk Citizen News Courage to Speak Tourney Set for April 4, 2003

Points of Light Award, recipient Ginger Katz January 13, 2003 Awards > DPOL Awards > Winner Profile

The Washington Times, By Ginger Katz letters — The Washington Times

The David Smith Show “Notebook” interview with Ginger Katz the weekend of April 5 (eight 5 minute segments)

The Hour “Ladies Night”, The Courage to Speak All Star Basketball Classic 2003 by Harold F. Cobin April 5, 2003

The Advocate “Hoops and hollers in Norwalk” The Courage to Speak All Star Basketball Classic 2003 by Scott L. Smith April 5, 2003

The Norwalk Citizen News Photo April 18, 2003

Daily Times Chronicle May 8, 2003 written by Steve DeMarco “Mother Relates Dangers of Drug Addiction”

The Hour June 3, 2003 Letters to the editor written by Joe D’Amato – The Courage to Speak basketball Classic – A Night to Remember

The Hour June 16, 17 and 18th the Letter to the editor sent by three Westrock Middle school students on the benefits of the Courage to Speak Drug Prevention Cirriculum

The month of June, July and August, September and October 2003 the Courage to Speak Foundation, Inc. is featured SAMSHA web site Partners for Substance Abuse Prevention | Highlighted Partner

“Meet the Leaders on Cablevision TV” The episode will debut Monday, June 9, at 7 p.m., running the same time each night that week through Sunday, June 15. It will run at 8:00 p.m. the entire week beginning Monday, June 16; 9:00 p.m. throughout the week of Monday, June 23; and at 10:00 p.m. the week beginning

The Connecticut Post “Drug Prevention Program Added to Local Schools’ Curriculums” by Sara Howard – August 25, 2003

The Hour – Three More Schools in Norwalk Adopt Anti-Drug Program” by A. J. O’Connell – September 25, 2003

The Norwalk Citizen News “Speaking Out” New Curriculum Warns About Dangers of Drugs by Mark Dwyer – October 3, 2003

The Advocate “Powerful Message” Mother’s story of sons death connect with students by Alison Damast – October 4, 2003

Effingham Daily News front page Effingham Daily News “Mother to speak about losing son to drugs” by Kim Wiedmamn, November 1, 2003

Effingham Daily News front page Effingham Daily News “Touching Lives” Couple tries to prevent tragedy by speaking about their own by Kim Wiedamn, November 7, 2003.

Norwalk Hour January 1, 2004 “Anti-drug Group Gets Funds to Broaden Message” by AJ O’connell

Yale Daily News “Medical School Discusses Recent Drug Summit”, BY MATT BARON, Contributing Reporter – Medical School discusses recent drug summit

The Newtown Bee, “Speaker Campaigns For Drug-Free Schools” By Larissa Lytwyn February 19, 2004

The Newtown Bee February 26, 2004 “One Mother’s Sobering Account Of The Loss Of Her Son” by Larrisa Lytwyn

The Norwalk Hour March 22, 2004, “TEAM EFFORT-“Drug Prevention Activist Leads Full-court Press in Behalf of Cause” by Jill Bobach

The Norwalk Hour March 23, 2004 “Spreading the Word- Anti drug Messag eto Middle schools is Clear” by Amrita Dhindsa

The Norwalk Advocate “half-time to mark beginning of “Battle of the Sexes” fund-raiser by Peter Davenport, Norwalk-Editor

The Norwalk Advocate April 3, 2004 “IN THE GAME” Photo by Paul Desmarais

The Hour April 3, 2004 “A Classic Confrontation” by Amrita Dhindsa The Hour Online

April 23, 2004 The Norwalk Citizen News, Providing the Courage To Speak by Mark Dwyer

May 3, 2004 The Hour, Hour People

May 5, 2004 The Hamdem Journal

July 20, 2004 PSA for the Ian Eaccarino Memorial 9 Mile Race

July 2004 Announcement through out the month of August of the Ian Eaccarino 9 Memorial Mile Race in The Hour, The Norwalk Advocate and the Norwalk Citizen News

July 31, 2004 “Racing Against Time: by Andrew Ragouzeos -Runners go the distance to fight drug addiction.

The Hour in August 2004 Letters to the editor sent by five Westrock Middle school students on the benefits of the Middle School 18 hour Courage to Speak Drug Prevention Curriculum.

September 14, 2004 “Shock therapy” Exhibt cronincles damages of drugs By Alison Damast Ginger Katz speaker at DEA Exhibit with former Mayor Guliani and Drug Czar, John Walters

New York – Museum Links Drugs, Terrorism and Drug Users

September 30, 2004 WNLK 1350 radio station interview with Gary Theroux “DRUG DEALERS TO FUND COURAGE TO SPEAK DRUG PREVENTION CURRICULUM IN SCHOOLS”

September 30, 2004 New Channel 12, Cablevision of CT DRUG DEALERS TO FUND ANTI-DRUG EDUCATION!

Fall, 2004 Partnership for a Drug Free America News

October 1, 2004 Police give $6,000 to schools by Jill Bodach, Hour Staff Writer

October, 2004 WNLK The Hour Online

October 22, 2004 Danbury News Times “Mother carries message of son’s death by drugs” By Robert Gold

November 3 and 6, 2004 The Daily Item of Lynn, MA Click here to see flyer.

November 7, 2004 The Hour Newspaper “The Courage To Speak Program Expands in City”

November 9, 2004 The Daily Item of Lynn, MA “Speaking of Drugs” by Jill Ricker

November 9, 2004 The Daily Item of Lynn, MA “Parents can imagine horror of losing child to drugs” By Jill Ricker

December 1, 2004 Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Newsletter Click here to see copy of: “Coordinators Target Substance Abuse” MIAA Fall Edition

January 18, 2005 The Hour Newspaper, Norwalk, CT” Fund-raiser to Spotlight Drug Dangers” by Noelle Frampton

February 9, 2005, Salem News, Peabody, MA – A mother’s ‘”Courage to Speak”: Special program exposes students to the horrors of drug abuse. By Alan Burke Staff writer

March 4, 2005 The Norwalk Citizen News “Courage To Speak” Family Night will teach kids and parents about drugs” by Robert Davey

March 5 and 6, 2005 WSTC 1400/WNLK 1350 interview with Ginger and Larry Katz, Co Founders of the Courage To Speak Foundation, Inc. by Tony Savino

March 8, 2005 The Norwalk Advocate “Courage To Speak fund raiser to feature students anti drug messages” by Lisa Charmoff

March 9, 2005 The Hour, The Courage To Speak by Ginger Katz

March 12 and 13, 2005 Cablevision of CT, Educational Notebook TV program, interview with Ginger Katz, President of the Courage To Speak Foundation, Inc. by Eric Green. (aired 7 times)

March 14, 2005 West Rocks Middle School Click here to see copy of article: “West Rocks School Family Night”

March 14, 2005 The Hour “Finding the Courage To Speak” by Jill Bodach

April 24, 2005 The Hour, Tackling Drug Abuse, Norwalker to speak to state PTA convention by Lee Higgins, photo by Jennifer Mann

May 1, 2005 The Advocate, Anti-drug crusader, Norwalk woman’s message of courage earn Junior League award by Suzanne Sorrentino, photo’s by Kathleen O’Rourke

May 6, 2005 105th PTA Convention

May 20, 2005 The Norwalk Citizen News, Katz Receives League’s Community Leadership Award

July 24, 2005 The Hour by Noelle Frampton, 13-mile Trek Across L.I. Sound Raises Money for Local Charities. Click here to read article

August 3, 2005 The Hour by Jill Bodach, “Norwalk Man Joins Foundation to Carry on Legacy of a Fallen Friend”

August 16, 2005 The Hour, “Drug Prevention Curriculum Enters Forth Year” by Lee Higgins Click here to read article

September 18, 2005 Suburban Trends by Bryan La Place – Experts: Don’t be an enabler in teen drug use – “Seminar Cautions Parents about Gateway Drugs, Alcohol, Pot” Click here to read article

October 20, 2005 CT Post – A Decade of Dedication by Amanda Cuda Click here to read article

October 26, 2005 The Herald – “Mother breaks the silence surrounding teen drug abuse”? by Jason Vallee Click here to read article

October 27, 2005 The Hour Newspaper “Foundation wages fight against drugs” By JILL BODACH Click here to read article

November 14, 2005 Times Argus “Mother’s anti-drug message hits home” by Joshua Larkin Click here to read article

November 17, 2005 The Hardwick Gazette “Community Learns How Drugs Kill” by Stephen Morse

December 15, 2005 The Hour Newspaper column by the Courage To Speak – 1st article, “Don’t be Fooled” written by Ginger Katz of The Courage To Speak Foundation, Inc. Click here to read article